Hilary EVELYN Wilson

Being immersed in an environment where food and cooking were paramount to a strong family and long-lasting friendships has made an indelible impression on me; one that I take with me into my own kitchen. My profound love of food and, moreover, bringing people together with food, led me to Le Cordon Bleu Institute in London, England. This experience accentuated my devotion to and love of the culinary arts and, above all, creating dishes that taste divine and make people happy. 




Virginia BLACK Aird

Food has always played an important part in my life, from watching my grandmother and mother in the kitchen as a kid, to reading culinary magazines growing up, to finally attending Stratford Chef School. I strive to surround myself with everything exquisite when it comes to food. Whether planning the menu, market shopping or plating the final creation, I am utterly committed to giving myself, and everyone around me, the best gastronomic experience possible.